Useful Tips For Purchasing a Night Light

March 18,2021


There are many types of night lights, and today I mainly talk about ceramic night lights.


ceramic night light


Ceramic Night Light


The ceramic night light is made of ceramic materials, which has the effect of environmental protection in the heating state, which is different from the colloidal lampshade that emits odor when it is heated, and is safe.


The ceramic night light can play the role of lighting and aromatherapy as well as decorating the space. The light line of the ceramic aromatherapy night light is soft, giving people a safe and warm feeling. With the right amount of plant essential oils, it can purify the air, remove odors, repel mosquitoes, etc., add white vinegar It can sterilize and prevent colds to a certain extent. At the same time, it can be matched with night lights with different patterns to add beauty to the living space.


Purchasing Tips for Night Lights

The night light is generally not used as the main light source in the room, but is usually used as an auxiliary lighting. When choosing a night light, the main focus is on the quality of the lampshade.


The lampshade painting of the ceramic aromatherapy night light mainly depends on whether the color is uniform and the lines are smooth.


The hollow type mainly depends on whether the hollowed place is smooth, and the decorative paper mainly depends on the surface of the lampshade.


Whether the decorative paper is smooth, whether the light transmittance is good enough, and the surface pattern and color should correspond to the overall style of the room. Whether the color and gloss are bright and full are important indicators for checking quality.


It should be noted that the lamp holder made of fireproof materials is used, the left and right gear switches are energized and it is normal and abnormal, the contact between the lamp holder and the lampshade is tight enough, whether the lampshade and the lamp holder are aligned.


Using Tips


The installation method of the ceramic aromatherapy night light is relatively simple. Insert the lamp holder into the lampshade according to the designed slot, then rotate the lamp holder 90 degrees to fix the lamp holder and the lampshade, then insert the plug into the socket, turn on the first or second gear, and turn to the clean essential oil. Put one drop of water on the tank, and then two drops of essential oil. You can also add essential oils according to your needs.


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