Six types of humidifier

September 17,2021

There are two main types of humidifiers: cold fog humidifier and warm fog humidifier. Besides, there are more types of humidifiers according to different functions and your preferences.


Impeller humidifier

These are cold fog humidifiers for single rooms. Impeller humidifier is usually one of the more affordable types. They use a rapidly rotating disc to stir the water into small droplets, which then enter the air. Many provide different fog types, so you can adjust the amount of humidity you are creating.


These are friendly to children and pets because they do not produce hot steam. No heating element means no risk of burns. However, it is important to clean them properly so that bacteria and viral substances do not grow in the equipment. Dirty units that allow bacteria to grow will discharge bacteria into the air together with the mist.


Ultrasonic humidifier

These use ultrasonic vibration to produce mist. Cold fog and warm fog versions are available. The price of ultrasonic humidifier varies according to the size of your home. Cold fog ultrasonic humidifier is a good choice for families with children, but it also needs proper maintenance.


Evaporative humidifier

The evaporative humidifier or evaporator uses a fan to blow cold air through the wet filter to discharge moisture into the air. These are another affordable single room option. You have little control over this type of unit. Therefore, if you choose to use an evaporative humidifier, your humidity level must be monitored regularly. Excessive humidification can cause mold growth and other serious problems. For evaporative humidifiers, you need to ensure that all components are cleaned timely and correctly, which means the equipment itself, filters, water tanks and fans.


Whole house or central humidifier

These humidifiers are built into your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Of course, they will be more expensive than small single room humidifiers. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a consistent humidity level throughout your home, these are your best choices. Since the entire house or central humidifier does not produce steam, there is no risk of burns associated with them. Sensors also need check regularly to keep work normally. There are many vehicle sensors manufacturers in China, like scania sensor China manufacturer, VW oxygen sensor supplier, wholesale OPEL nitrogen oxide sensor, BMW sensor China manufacturer and MAF sensor China manufacturer.


Steam evaporator 

These single room units are electric. The steam evaporator heats and then cools the water to produce steam. The steam is discharged through a pipe and then humidifies the whole room. One advantage of steam evaporators is that some models have aromatherapy diffusers for essential oils and inhalants. You can even sit near the equipment and inhale the humidified air directly into your lungs. This feature is particularly useful for people with asthma and allergies.


Console humidifier unit

These large devices are usually mounted on wheels for rapid humidification of large rooms. The console unit can even humidify your entire house without installing anything in your HVAC system. The console humidifier device is usually a cold fog evaporation humidifier, but the scale is larger. Their size and the ability to quickly humidify large space are higher than the price you see on portable humidifiers. Although these devices are large, they are considered cold fog portable humidifiers and need to be properly cleaned and maintained according to the manufacturer's recommendations.


You can choose these humidifier according to your own demands. If you have pets or baby, it is better to select impeller humidifier. Evaporative humidifier is more safe. Foshan PIPAI technology is a professional manufacturer of humidifier, welcome to contact it.