Reasons for Bluetooth Connecting Computer Speaker but No Sound

February 23,2022

When connecting to a bluetooth speaker, sometimes there is a problem that the connection is successful but there is no sound. What are the reasons for this?


  • The device volume setting is too low, you can turn up the volume to solve it;
  • The computer/mobile phone audio source is wrongly selected, just select it again.
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If none of these work, follow these steps

We need to check whether there is any problem with the driver first, right-click the computer, select Properties, click Device Manager, and after entering, you can see the driver corresponding to each device of the computer.


If there is a yellow exclamation mark or a cross on the driver, it means that the driver is abnormal and we need to update and install the driver again.


If there is no problem with the driver, then we need to open the playback device to see if both bluetooths are normal. If only Audio is normal and Renderer is dark, then it is the problem of Bluetooth settings.


Turn on the bluetooth on the computer to see if A2DP can connect. If the connection is unsuccessful, open the audio/video settings of the Bluetooth settings, remove the check mark in front of the headset that has only been connected to the content protection function enabled, then connect to A2DP, and finally modify the playback device and switch to bluetooth Audio Renderer, so that you can use the bluetooth speaker.


Of course, we can't rule out the problem that it itself is broken. If you want to replace, we have good price when you wholesale wireless mini bluetooth speakers here.