How to Make Your Own Projector Night Light

June 24,2021

People who live in cities often worry that it is too difficult to see the stars. The city lights are so bright that the stars in the night sky are eclipsed. Or because there is a forest of tall buildings, When people look up, they could only see tall buildings.How disappointed those city people are. In contrast, someone living in the countryside are not not good, at least can look up to see the stars. However, to people who live in the city, since the stars are so difficult to see, then why not create a starry sky in your room! And it can also be a meaningful gift to your beloved one.


Projector Night Light wholesale


Projector Night Light wholesale


DIY Projector Night Light:

Projector Night Light is a Picture projector that projects starlight onto the walls and ceiling to create a comfortable, quiet, artificial night sky. A DIY night light star projector can instantly create a romantic and peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom using only discarded corrugated cardboard boxes from your home. For those who like romantic home furnishing, Foshan Pipai Technology offers a DIY method. Following the steps, you can create a easy projector night light in your cozy bedroom.


Production Method of Projector Night Light 

Prepare the Materials: heavy cardboard box (used to make the shape of the projection lamp), cold light bulb and matching bulb socket, scissors, wire, ruler, paint sprayer, hot melt glue gun (used to glue the parts)


Step 1: Draw the size of the cardboard with a pen, cut the cardboard into the shape as shown in the figure with scissors, and use it as the base of the projection lamp. After cutting out the cardboard from the base of the projection lamp, fix the cold light bulb socket on the cardboard as shown in the picture (safely use the hot plastic melt gun. The hot plastic gun should be placed upright). Next, cut a hole in one of the cardboard panels and thread the wires through.


Step 2: Cut out the shadow shape on the cardboard.You can use a knife to board out the shape of a star or decide for your favorite shapes. After this part of the work is completed, you can start painting on the board (Spray paint on the outside of the board after it is formed, not the inside). Pay attention to spray evenly.


Step 3: After the spray paint dries, you can begin to assemble. First assemble the box with the bulb base, then fix the projected part according to the drawing, and finally combine the two together.


Finally: plug in the electricity and you'll be able to see your stars.


Buy a Projector Night Light:




Projector Night Light wholesale


You can also purchase a Usb Projector Night Light from Foshan Pipai Technology Co., Ltd. Our projector night light not only functions as a night lamp, but can also projects stars in galaxy and play music. Connect to Bluetooth and select the music you want to listen to.

Under the dreamy starry projection, listening to the soft music, the beautiful night falls like this.


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