Do I need a rechargeable night lamb?

July 26,2021

A night light can ease our adaptability from closing eyes to opening eyes. We may get up at night to go to the bathroom, or suddenly think that there is some work that must be done. We just wake up from the dark and cannot respond to the intensity of the light, so a small night light at the bedside is very friendly to the eyes.


If you have Corgi wearing dog apparel and sleeping with you at home, a night light is very helpful. Now there are rechargeable and battery types on the market, how to choose?


rechargeable night lamp wholesale

rechargeable night lamp wholesale


Rechargeable night light


As long as there is electricity, your light can shine at night without spending extra money to invest in accessories.


Now the general LED rechargeable night lights use lithium batteries, which have no memory effect and can be used as they are charged. The general LED rechargeable type will be charged to about 80%-100% when it leaves the factory, but the battery will slowly Discharge, the relative self-discharge rate of lithium batteries is relatively low, but with the extension of storage time, the electricity will be relatively reduced, which actually has a great relationship with the storage time. Under normal circumstances, it can be used when it is bought. When the brightness of the LED bulb becomes dark, it must be charged in time. Generally, lithium batteries should not be overcharged or overdischarged. Nowadays, some control circuits are better designed and have complete protection measures, so that the maintenance requirements for the battery will be much lower.


However, although the CSA C61089 standard cables are used at home, there is no problem with electricity, but the entire city is out of power, and we have no control. You may not be able to use them in the event of a power failure. But if your light is bright enough, it can accompany you through the long night.


Personally, I prefer rechargeable night lights. I don’t need to buy extra batteries. I don’t have to go to the supermarket to recall the models of abandoned night light batteries at home. I am a person who doesn’t like trouble.


The role of night light


The night light can not only illuminate everyone at night, but also make it convenient for many friends. The night light has other uses! Nowadays, many night lights add some essential oils, such as lavender, rose, mosquito repellent, etc. Regarding mosquito repellent, now There is a liquid mosquito repellent lamp that can relieve fatigue, soothe the nerves and help sleep, relieve stress, etc., it can be charged by USB. And the night light with mosquito repellent aromatherapy is especially suitable for baby room use, because it is non-toxic to repel mosquitoes. Friends who are afraid of the dark put on a night light and feel relieved. Imagine stepping on a soft carpet wearing colorful compression socks and entering the bathroom vanity units under soft lighting.


liquid mosquito repellent lamp


What color is good for the night light?


Even though the night light is very convenient, it still has a certain impact on the human body. Because we are not suitable to turn on the light when we sleep, because the body secretes a kind of melatonin at night, and the secretion of melatonin is affected by light. If you have a baby, you must know that this will have a particularly big impact on your baby.


Not only that, the night light will also affect people's sleep quality to a certain extent, because when you close your eyes, your eyes can feel even a very weak light source, so it's a bit difficult to fall asleep. But if you must have a small night light at night, choose the right color.


My suggestion for color selection is to choose night lights with warm colors, such as yellow, pink, and orange. These lights have softer light and will not have a major impact on the human body. They will also create a warm feeling and are easier sleep. The cold-colored lights are more irritating to the eyes, so it is not recommended to choose them.


What should I pay attention to when charging the night light?


1. The original charger should be used as much as possible.
2. If it is not, the voltage and current need to be similar to the original one

You need to pay attention to two points here. Of course, there is also USB way, which makes us more convenient.


Do I need a rechargeable night lamb?


Yes or not, ask yourself "Do i really need them?"," If i don't have it, what will my life be ?" After you know the answer, you know your decision! They are affordable, actually, you can pick one for different purposes, such as decor, or its function.