Best electric mosquito repellent lamp for Summer

June 24,2021

First let's introduce liquid mosquito repellent lamps. Liquid mosquito repellent lamp is the Liquid vaporizer used by most people now. Its mosquito killing principle is similar to traditional mosquito repellent coils, releasing pyrethroid substances by heating to kill mosquitoes.


What's more, due to its smokeless nature, electric mosquito repelled incense has less negative effects than traditional mosquito coils. When you use it, you still need to avoid sleeping time. Turn it on a few hours before bed and it's guaranteed to give you a good night's sleep.

mosquito repellent night lamp


For pregnant women, especially in the first trimester, try not to use any liquid vaporizer with chemical reaction.


Whether it is  liquid mosquito repellent lamp or traditional mosquito coils, they all contain trace amounts of narcotics or poisons used to anesthetize or poison mosquitoes. Because the quantity is less, normally, people will not be harmed by it. The fact that there is a small amount of harm is undeniable. During pregnancy, in fact, any mosquito repellent product with special odor is recommended not to use. Physical methods to repel mosques are recommended, like mosquito nets and electric mosquito repellent lamps.


Physical methods to repel mosquitoes——— USB mosquito repellent light

The USB Mosquito Repellent Light uses physical methods to kill mosquitoes.There is no chemical additive or radiation. It is different from traditional chemical insect repellents, USB mosquito repellent light is safe for pregnant women, children and pets. And it can be used in many places where mosquitoes need to kill, whether indoors or outdoors, like bedroom, hall, hotel, office, travel, camping and so on.


mosquito repellent night lamp


USB mosquito repellent light wholesale


Precautions of UV electric mosquito repellent lamp

  • Placement in a certain height:

It is best not to use the mosquito lamp directly on the ground.In order to play a better mosquito repellent effect, put the mosquito lamp on the platform 1-1.5 meters above the floor, because this height is the Scope of activitie of mosquitoes.

  • Necessary to clean the mosquito storage boxin time: 

After trapping and killing mosquitoes, the killed mosquitoes gather in the mosquito storage box. It is necessary to clean the mosquito repellent lamp in time, so as to prolong the service life of the mosquito repellent lamp.

  • Choose regular products:

Be sure to select an  USB UV mosquito repellent light of a good brand so that the effect and safety can be guaranteed.


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