A Buying Guide From Rechargeable Night Light Manufacturer

July 26,2021

By installing a small night light in your home, you can get up at night without having to turn on the big light in your room, interrupting your family's rest and leaving yourself in the dark. It can not only play a basic lighting effect, but also a certain decorative effect.


If you don't know how to choose a small night light for your room? Let's take a look at the various types of adorable portable night lights with Pipai Technology


>Effects Of Portable Night Lights

1. lighting function

Some friends are very afraid of the dark, or will get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, this time, if there is a small night light lighting will be particularly convenient.

2. decorative function

There are many small night lights on the market, with many choices of styles, colors, materials and prices. Most of the small night lights are very delicate, beautiful, lovely, small. They can be put in the home as decoration.



rechargeable night light manufacturer


3. mosquito repellent effect

Some small night lights still hold concurrently at the same time the function with multi-purpose of a lamp, for instance join fume essential oil becomes a fume lamp. If you add mosquito repellent oil or mosquito repellent liquid to a small night light, it will become an environmentally friendly mosquito repellent lamp.




>How to Choose An appropriate Small Night Light

Small night light does not belong to the main indoor lighting source, it is usually installed on the wall, play a role of auxiliary lighting and decoration, such as installed in the head of a bed, hallway, corridor and other walls or pillars.


When purchasing night lights, we need to pay special attention to the quality of lampshade, whether the transmission of light of the lampshade is appropriate, and whether the design of the night light's surface and colour echo with indoor integral style.



 rechargeable night light manufacturer


adorable portable night light by Led Touch Bedroom Light manufacturer


If there is metal decoration on the night light, we should check whether the corrosion resistance of these decorations is good, whether the color and luster are bright and full, and also choose to use the lamp holder of fireproof material, which can prevent the fire hazard of the ignited wallpaper.


When choosing a small night light, it is recommended to choose a small night light that can be charged, for it can be a  a flashlight in an occasional power failure.


> 👀 Different Control Modes Of Night Light

1.Push-botton night lights

They are available in two types: plug-in type and rechargeable type. Manually operated keys or toggle switches can be used to turn on and off the portable night light balls. It is an early product with simple functions and suitable for use in bedrooms.


2. Led Touch Bedroom Light

Touch Night Light is usually rechargeable, with built-in induction chip。 Use your finger to touch the specified position of Led Touch Silicone Lampcan control the on and off of the light switch. You can put your Led Touch Night Light on the nightstand or in your closet.



 Led Touch Bedroom Light wholesale


Led Touch Bedroom Light wholesale


3. Night Light With PIR Switch

When you come close to the human body, the light will automatically turn on. Human body induction small night light applies body heat releasing infrared ray testing technology. Human sense night lights are also light controlled, meaning that is, when the light is bright, the night light will not turn on even if the person is near. The human body induction night light has two types: plug-in  night lamp and rechargeable night lamp, which can be used in the bedroom,   porch, corridor and other places. The rechargeable Sense night lamp can also be placed in a closet.


(🔺You need to choose an appropriate place for your night light according to your activity or rest area.)


4. Remote control night light


 Wifi Bluetooth Night Light


Wifi Bluetooth Night Light


Remote control night light is generally controlled by Wifi or Bluetooth. You can turn on and turn off your Wifi Bluetooth Night Light by mobile phone APP. Wifi bluetooth night lights are usually used in the bedroom and are available in either plug-in or rechargeable types. 



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