6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Smart Washing Machine

March 11,2022

Since Hamilton Smith made the world's first washing machine in 1858, washing machines have entered thousands of households. The emergence of the washing machine liberates our hands and brings great convenience to life. And with the advent of the intelligent era, fully automatic washing machines surprise us even more.


What is a fully automatic washing machine?


high technology washing machine


A fully automatic washing machine is to set a program in advance on the computer board. When washing clothes, directly select one of the programs, turn on the faucet, and turn on the washing machine switch. The washing machine can automatically identify the water level, and accurately complete soaking, rinsing, dehydration, and drainage.


What are the types of automatic washing machines?


At present, the fully automatic washing machines sold on the market can be roughly divided into three categories: front-mounted side-opening front-loading washing machines, pulsator top-opening washing machines, and stirring washing machines.


How to choose a smart washing machine?


✔️According to the degree of cleanliness and wear rate


In terms of cleanliness, a top-loading washing machine is cleaner than a front-loading washing machine.


In terms of wear rate, front-load washing machines wear less than top-load washing machines.


If the clothes we usually wash are more expensive and the fabrics are more advanced, we can choose a drum washing machine, otherwise we can choose a pulsator washing machine.


✔️According to the power consumption and water consumption


In terms of water consumption, pulsator washing machines consume more water than drum washing machines.


In terms of power consumption, drum washing machines consume more power than pulsator washing machines.


✔️According to economical and practical


In the market, the price of front-loading washing machines is higher than that of pulsator washing machines, and the current washing machines have various functions, such as sterilization, computer intelligence, no-clean function, etc. You should consider economy and practical situation.


✔️According to the amount of noise and failure rate


From the current point of view, washing machines with low noise are directly driven by DC permanent magnet brushless motors, which are very effective in preventing noise. Generally speaking, the lower the noise and the longer the trouble-free running time, the quality of the washing machine will also be reduced.


✔️According to the area and capacity


Generally speaking, the volume of the front-loading washing machine is smaller than that of the pulsator washing machine. When purchasing a washing machine, the washing machine should be selected according to the area of the pre-reserved washing machine.


✔️According to the appearance of the shell process to choose


Observe whether the paint of the washing machine is smooth and shiny, whether the glass of doors and windows is transparent and clear, whether the functions and knob buttons are flexible, and whether the rubber strip of the door seal is elastic.


In conclusion


The above are the 6 factors that we must consider when purchasing a washing machine. If you have more questions, as a professional manufacturer, we will provide you with practical advice.